Hiking at Mount Norikura

Supposedly, one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of Japan can be found at a place called Kamikochi in the middle of the Japanese Alps. Since it’s more than a three-hour ride from Tokyo, we decided to go for yet another long weekend trip […]

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Fishing for noodles

It’s been another long weekend in Japan and the summer is still going strong. Hence, we decided to attend a popular summertime event called Nagashi Somen or flowing noodles – a very instagram-able past time involving a cold-water bamboo slide, spaghetti-like noodles and you and […]

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Kamakura and Enoshima Island

To be perfectly honest, I do not enjoy planning my holidays, or even short weekend trips in full detail. If I’m traveling on my own, I usually end up strolling around aimlessly (which often makes for unexpected encounters – give it a try!). However, I […]

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Notes from Nikko

Last week saw Japan’s Obon festival, a time at which traditionally many people would take a short break to travel to their home town and honor the spirits of their ancestors. Alternatively, it’s a perfect occasion for a short summer holiday! The weekend before a […]

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Japan’s cookie-cutter summer festivals

Japanese people looove food. They love it over everything – up to the point where you sometimes get annoyed over how dull conversations often end up being, because food is simply the main thing many people talk about. Nowhere does this become more apparent than […]

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Lazy Sunday in Akihabara

The rain season finally seems to be over and the summer is here in Tokyo! And what do you do when the outside has more than 30°C and 90% humidity? You grab some of your colleagues and visit the arcade! The district of Akihabara will […]

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Tiny urban gardens of Setagaya

Quite obviously, space is an extremely scarce resource in Tokyo. Everything is a bit smaller than what you’re used to as foreigner – cars, houses, apartments, you name it. But since looking at concrete and steel all day can really get you down, people in […]

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Venturing off the city limits

Today marks the third week living in Japan and I had not set foot outside of the city until now. Hence, even though the weather report was all but promising, the first destination of choice was Miura Peninsula, about 90 minutes away from Tokyo. Right […]

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