Tidying up Tama River

A while ago I wrote about typhoon No. 19, one of the strongest typhoons in recent Japanese history. Due to the heavy rainfalls throughout the whole Kanto region, the Tama River rose over 6 meters in certain areas, causing massive damage and leading to the […]

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Within the Sea of Trees

Right beneath Mount Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture lies one of Japan’s largest and densest forests: Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees. Its grounds were primarily shaped by vulcanic activity, leaving behind nutritious soil that is now home to an extremely rich ecosystem largely […]

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Fuji Gazing

This Sunday is Culture Day in Japan – an occasion on which the emperor traditionally grants special honors to people that have made extraordinary contributions to the country in some sort or fashion. I for one am not sure how one is supposed to commemorate […]

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Japan recovers from Hagibis

Typhoon No. 19, a.k.a. Hagibis, was headed for Japan’s main island of Honshu this weekend and thus, messed up last week’s plans of going to Kyoto. Instead, I experienced hoarding for the first time: Already by Thursday evening, it was difficult to get hold of […]

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O’zapft is!

O’zapft is – although not in Munich, but in Yokohama! Nowadays there’s an Oktoberfest in most major cites around the world and, of course, Japanese ones are no exception. I’ve never been to the original one, but this copy managed to deliver some key elements […]

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Emerald ponds and Crow Castle

Unsurprisingly, day two of our trip to the Japanese Alps wasn’t blessed by tremendous weather conditions either. However, the surrounding scenery in Kamikochi did not fail to make up for the cloudy sky. On arrival at the main tourist hub, one can choose from several […]

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Hiking at Mount Norikura

Supposedly, one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of Japan can be found at a place called Kamikochi in the middle of the Japanese Alps. Since it’s more than a three-hour ride from Tokyo, we decided to go for yet another long weekend trip […]

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