Farewell 3GPP SA3

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Leaving my job at Deutsche Telekom sadly also means no longer attending Security Working Group meetings of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project. I consider myself lucky, having been able to work with such extremely capable and kind people on 5G security standards. The past one and a half years have taught me a lot about international collaboration, building consensus in this kind of environment and, last but not least, mobile security.

So, this past week I attended my last meeting on behalf of Deutsche Telekom in Reno, NV. Since the city itself is such a dreadful place, I thought I’d share a picture of Lake Tahoe which a few of us visited one sunny afternoon.


  1. Good choice, a picture of Lake Tahoe is much, much more beautiful than a picture of Reno 😀

  2. Reno is a cheap shoe brand in Germany, so what to expect from a city named alike?

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