Calm before the storm

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As a final act before the turbulences of moving begin, I took two weeks off to travel the Caucasus Mountains in northern Georgia together with a friend of mine. The area around World Heritage Site Mestia offered us challenging treks, a landscape that was not overrun by tourists (yet) and an absolutely stunning scenery. The picture above was taken on a mountain pass not far from Adishi – a tiny little village about as far off from civilization as possible.

However, the most overwhelming thing of the whole trip was how welcoming Georgian people truly are. One evening we were lost in a small place without any guesthouses. Tired of walking all day, we asked some strangers on the street where we may put up our tent. Sure enough, they did not let us sleep in the tent, but instead provided us with loads of food and a bed for the night. Try that somewhere in Western Europe!

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