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After I had shortlisted roughly a dozen apartments in Setagaya and Meguro, I reached out to the first agency to inquire whether any of them would still available. None of them were. Either occupied, not available until way later in the year, or would be rented to females only.

Luckily, my visit to the second agency that day was much more successful. They showed me two apartments in the same neighborhood of Setagaya, which I could move into immediately. So I chose the “bigger” of the two, at 22sqm. Even though I had hoped for a few more square meters, this one was just too convenient to turn down: located a mere 20-minutes walk from the office, comes with washing machine, fridge, and a TV and lastly, the price is alright as well. Hand me the keys, please!

The funniest part was my agent’s reply to the question why this gem wasn’t rented out already. Apparently all previous visitors weren’t happy with the fact that one can see tomb stones on the nearby graveyard. Now that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I still wanted to know just how bad it could be. Take a look … 🙂


  1. 22qm? Wow, what does that look like? Would like to see some pictures 🙂

  2. HI,
    great! Funny that they were not afraid of the radiating electric installation but of the passive stones at the graveyard! And, wow, 22pm is not really a dancefloor, quite cosy. I need to be careful with family plannig:-)…..lol.

  3. I heard there are one or two places close by to have a good Whisky – now you make it three 😉

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