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Everyday Life

Yesterday was a productive second day: I managed to get a bank account, a Japanese SIM card and registered with the local ward office. What that actually means is that a nice lady from the agency that is supporting my onboarding process did all of these things for me, of course, because I could not have managed on my own. After all, everything is in Japanese!

In other news, from now until the end of the week I’ll be pretty much full-time house hunting. Really hoping to find a decent place to stay in either Setagaya or Meguro, as those cities are both interesting to live in and located close to my workplace. Fingers crossed 🤞

But of course, I have to get some sightseeing in while I still can, which is why I went to the observatory at World Trade Center yesterday to catch a view on Tokyo from above.

The weather was pretty nice to get an overview of central Tokyo, but unfortunately Mt. Fuji was nowhere to be seen. They say the number of days per year when it is visible from the city has risen over the past couple of years and is now at around 120. As you can tell from the pictures, yesterday was not one of those days. But at least another famous sight was clearly visible in the evening sun: Tokyo Tower.

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