Visiting the Mori Art Museum

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Art, Everyday Life

Located at the 52nd floor in downtown Roppongi lies the Mori Museum of contemporary art. And since I had some appointments in Roppongi anyway today, I thought why not have a look?

Their current exhibition by Berlin-based artist Shiota Chiharu involved several large-scale wool installations, which were truly impressive in their scale and love for detail. Mixing black and red yarn, the idea is to display the connection between our inner world and it’s surroundings and how both of those get entangled. One of the pieces that particularly stuck in my mind involved a burnt piano and chairs in an arrangement that kinda invokes the feeling of a chamber concert of doom.

The museum also had a few paintings and recordings of live performances by this artist on display (turns out she has been studying with Marina Abramović whom I’m a huge fan of). That said, I’d much rather recommend looking up Abramović’s œuvre as far as performance art is concerned. 😉

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