Lazy Sunday in Akihabara

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Everyday Life

The rain season finally seems to be over and the summer is here in Tokyo! And what do you do when the outside has more than 30°C and 90% humidity? You grab some of your colleagues and visit the arcade!

The district of Akihabara will probably remain one of the strangest places in all of Tokyo for me, even after having been here a couple of times. Multi-storey arcades, electronic stores for everything that your heart desires, dozens of weird cafés where one can pet hedgehogs, puppies or owls – all of that and more is situated here.

Each of the gaming dens has its own “theme”, if you will. Some of them focus on racing titles, others on fighting, and yet others only have retro games. One can easily spend a whole afternoon here with a bunch of friends trying out the countless multiplayer machines.

Last but not least, Akihabara features a bunch of stores selling second-hand retro consoles, such as the N64, Dreamcast, and all kinds of GameBoys. This view sparked some serious nostalgia and I think I will need to play through some old Pokemon games again!

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