Sushi breakfast at Tokyo’s biggest fish market

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Everyday Life

Over the weekend a couple of SA3 friends were staying in Tokyo for a 5G security workshop. Naturally, we went to see as many iconic spots in Tokyo as possible – the Tsukiji Fish Market being one of them.

Even though, technically, most of the commercial business was moved to another location in 2018 (including the famous tuna auctions), you can still find many small shops and restaurants at the Tsukiji outer market, selling everything from tuna, sea urchin, sword fish to -unfortunately also- whale. 😐

Nonetheless, this the place to go for some of the freshest and possibly most delicious non-whale-based sushi you’ll ever have!

Besides the food itself, the whole experience of dining in one of these traditional sushi bars is worth a visit. Most of them open at 10am, hence you’ll see people forming an orderly queue in front of the restaurant by 09:30. Afterwards they’ll ask you in one by one, where one of the chefs will kindly “suggest” you where to sit. I got the impression that the regulars got seated in front of their own chef, whereas we got the one who spoke the best English. After taking your order, the food is prepared directly in front of you with such precision and sophistication that it’s almost a shame to eat it straightaway. Well worth visiting!

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