Tiny urban gardens of Setagaya

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Quite obviously, space is an extremely scarce resource in Tokyo. Everything is a bit smaller than what you’re used to as foreigner – cars, houses, apartments, you name it. But since looking at concrete and steel all day can really get you down, people in residential areas will still find a way to create little gardens on the 30-50 centimeters in between their house and the sidewalk. And they look lovely! Below are some pictures taken in my neighborhood today.


  1. Nice findings, especially the bicycle-greening 😀
    More generally: How about riding a bicycle in such a compressed and intensively used environment? Did you take your bicycle with you?

    • You can actually see quite a bunch of cyclists once you’re out of the city center, sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians. My bicycle is still on a boat on its way to Japan tho 🙂

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