Venturing off the city limits

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Today marks the third week living in Japan and I had not set foot outside of the city until now. Hence, even though the weather report was all but promising, the first destination of choice was Miura Peninsula, about 90 minutes away from Tokyo.

Right at the tip lies Misaki Port, a small fishing village with a bunch of things to do for a day trip. Take a boat tour, go fishing, visit Jogashima Park, or rent a bike as we did (don’t make the same mistake as I did and go too far off the main roads though).

Surprisingly, even though it’s a long weekend in Japan when everyone is rushing out of the city, Misaki Port wasn’t all that crowded. That is, except a local summer festival that went on right as we arrived there to get a coffee. We were told the “lion dance” that you can see in the video below would be a ritual that’s good for business and supposedly guaranteed the vendor good fortune for a whole year. Anyway, it was lots of fun to watch!

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