Kamakura and Enoshima Island

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To be perfectly honest, I do not enjoy planning my holidays, or even short weekend trips in full detail. If I’m traveling on my own, I usually end up strolling around aimlessly (which often makes for unexpected encounters – give it a try!). However, I realize it does pay off to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. Thanks to a friend of mine who does enjoy making these plans, we got to experience a marvellous sunset at the seaside at Enoshima island this Saturday. At this point, the sun is going down right behind mount Fuji, seen here with a cute cloud hat.

I had never thought of the area around Kamakura as the lovely beach town it is, only connecting it to a plethora of temples and the great Buddha so far. But since the Japanese summer once again blessed us with temperatures north of 30 degrees, we felt much more like a lazy day on the beach than visiting lots of temples or shrines.

But by all means, go visit some of those as well! The views from the Enoshima shrine back to the mainland were super quaint in the evening time.

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