Lots of Shawshank with little Redemption

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Odaiba is certainly not my favorite part of town. A man-made island in Tokyo Bay, plastered with shopping malls, office buildings, and a fake Statue Liberty I would actually argue it is one of the last places you’d have to visit when coming to town. However, there’s still TeamLab Borderless – a visual arts museum known for its immersive light installations.

At least this is what they’re promising to deliver.

Having visited this place today, the most fitting description that comes to mind is probably “Instagramer’s paradise”. The amount of visitors is virtual unbound, most of the rooms inside are packed to a degree that rules out any immersion, and for some rooms you’ll still have to wait in line up to an hour just to get a very brief peak. A friend of mine adequately summed it up by saying: “This was a lot of Shawshank with very little redemption.”

My two cents is: Save your time, people. Make sure to only visit this place during the week or go to one of the other great museums in town.

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