Tidying up Tama River

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A while ago I wrote about typhoon No. 19, one of the strongest typhoons in recent Japanese history. Due to the heavy rainfalls throughout the whole Kanto region, the Tama River rose over 6 meters in certain areas, causing massive damage and leading to the evacuation of thousands that night.

About two weeks later, when the water had receded to normal levels again, I went down Futakotamagawa Station to take a look at the leftovers – trees, bikes, vending machines among them. I wanna say there still was an eerie feeling to the whole scene.

These first photos were taken with a Nikon 100 on Kodak TRI-X 400.

Lastly, another one out of the Mamiya RZ67, shot on Fuji Acros 100. Can’t seem to get tired of this camera’s look and feel.

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