Tokyo in Black and White

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Seems like winter is finally rolling around in Japan, as the temperatures were mostly in the single digits recently and are projected to fall below zero in the next few days. Luckily, I’ll be escaping to Munich from Tuesday to Friday, even though it’s just for work. Looking forward to meeting some of my former colleagues from DT and 3GPP as well as visiting a proper German christmas market again. (Of course you could get Glühwein in Tokyo as well, but you’d be missing out on the whole scenery.)

Since the early sundowns and chilly temperatures haven’t exactly been very inviting to shoot in the past week, I’ve instead been focussing on digitizing some of the negatives from my Mamiya. So far, I’ve gone through six Fuji Acros rolls that were shot between August and October, which is why these images are somewhat of a random collection.

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