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I know, I know, it’s gotten a little quiet on my blog over the past couple of weeks. Lots of different things currently ongoing don’t leave much time for any creative output. I’ve started working on my master’s thesis, went through some personal changes, and work isn’t exactly a walk in the park either as we gear up for our commercial launch in April. Suffice to say I’m still alive and well and happy to be in and around Tokyo!

I recently finished one of the Kodak ColorPlus rolls started in Taipei back in January and received the negatives earlier this week. Bear with me as I recycle an old trip of mine, but seeing these photos now really makes me wanna return and explore more of the island aside from its capital.

That is, once the Corona craze is over. At this point in time, Japan being a very cautious society has closed down all of its schools indefinitely, major companies allow their employees to work from home (unheard of under normal conditions), museums and other cultural institutions are locked down, and it’s difficult to get your hands on certain sanitary supplies. It remains to be seen when things will be back to normal.

Stay healthy out there, friends!

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