Shibuya Sunset

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Like many countries around the world, Japan is currently trying to strike the right balance between reopening and preventing a second wave of Covid-19 infections. For many businesses and public facilities in Tokyo, June 1st was the day strict preventive measures got lifted for the first time in over two months. Even though most places are still forced to restrict working hours, life in Tokyo is seemingly returning back to the streets.

One of these places on my list of things to do after lockdown was Shibuya Sky, an observation deck on top of the Shibuya Scramble Square building completed late last year. Located right in the heart of Tokyo, it offers some stunning view on all surrounding city wards. Although I firmly believe Japan truely shines outside of the cities, there is still so much beauty in this sheer endless sea of concrete. When looking down from up there, I can’t help but have the Lost in Translation soundtrack playing in the back of my head and feel there’s so much left to explore.

Roppongi & Tokyo Tower

Suginami & Musashino

Setagaya (home somewhere center left)


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