Welcome to the Japanese Countryside

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Japan with its rich history and unique cultural heritage is an amazing place to visit as a tourist. Having been brought up in the West, there is a plethora of things to discover virtually all over the country that seem new and exciting. Personally, as much as I enjoy life in Tokyo, I still think Japan truely shines outside of the big metropolises.

But, y’know, if you’ve been to snowy Hokkaido, to the white beaches of Okinawa, and to the stunning Japanese Alps, eventually you will end up in a place that is not as breath-taking. After spending three days there, I can safely say Itoigawa on Japan’s West coast is such a place. I recall initially reading about it on some travel blog recommending it due to its surrounding scenery – after all, the whole area around the city is a UNESCO Global Geopark. Unfortunately, we did not get to see it in all its glory, but see for yourself.


First time I got to use my new Fujifilm XT-4 for video recording. Both the 4K and the in-camera JPEGs this thing puts out let my old Nikon really feel like an ancient brick. Can’t wait to make more of these kind of videos (in some different locations).

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  1. GregorJansen

    Sick footage m8. DEFINITELY GONNA VISIT ITOIGAWA. That 5km Tunnel is a sight be seen.

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