Strolling Around Mitakesan

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It’s been a while since visiting the mountains in and around Tokyo prefecture and autumn is one of the best times to do so. That’s why last weekend we headed out to Mt. Mitake about two hours away from downtown. A bit less touristy than nearby Mt. Takao, it is well-known for Rock Garden, a scenic track through one of the adjacent valleys. Given the opportunity, I had to try my videography skills again. Still learning more about the new camera every time I use it for filming, but I can’t wait to take it to another mountain soon (candidates include Mt. Ōyama and Mt. Nokogiri).


In other news, any plans of traveling to Germany over Chrismas are becoming less and less likely, given the rate of new infections is on the rise again. Current policy actually states that EU member states are to accept travelers from Japan as soon as the country allows for inbound travel from European countries as well. Not sure what to expect from our new Japanese prime minister, but I’m almost certain it’s not going to be a change in travel restrictions for tourists any time soon. After all, even the fate of the 2021 Olympics is still unclear.

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