Sakura in Kanazawa

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‘Tis the season of cherry blossom (sakura) in Japan and after several months in Tokyo, spent mostly indoors, it was about time to get away from city for a while. Kanazawa is worth a visit in any season, but especially at this time of the year. Known for its Japanese gardens and traditional town houses, it packs surprisingly many things to see and do for a town of this size — more than enough for a long weekend.

We were even able to stay in one of these old houses close to the city center, which turned out to be a fantastic choice. Walking along the riverfront, you could watch the cherry trees blossom more and more each day. Besides, I find tatami mats to be a welcome change to my western-style bed in Tokyo 🙂

Kanazawa is also a great place to explore by bike. Although most Japanese cities have share bike offerings these days, I found the one in here to be particularly well implemented. The bikes were in good condition and a drop-off station is never too far as long as you’re in a central location. If you’re only visiting Japan, though, make sure to purchase a pass at an official counter in advance. As is not uncommon in Japan, the website only accepts domestic credit cards 😐 *smh*

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