Sneak Peek Into Hell

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… and yet it looks so pretty! Since the Tokyo region is under a state of emergency once again — much stricter than the previous two — Golden Week 2021 turned out to be rather eventless. One notable exception was our day-trip to Hell Peek Point in Chiba prefecture. Besides a stunning view on Tokyo Bay, this also afforded us with the opportunity to pass through the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line – an expressway straight through the sea. Pretty wild!

Unsurprisingly, the main attraction is a jagged cliff at 329 meters elevation. What I did not know before coming here is that the location is also home to one of the largest Buddhas in all of Japan, even larger than the one in Kamakura. The 31-meter-tall statue has been carved direcly into the cliffs. Besides this huge one, the local temple complex also has many smaller versions on display (see below). 🙂

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