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Golden Autumn in Nikko

We are in dire need of a change of scene here in Japan! Although borders are not closed per se, the long quarantine period on return still makes it super impractical to go anywhere outside of the country. Thankfully, with regards to new COVID cases, […]

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Japan’s Hortensia Season

One of the things I’ve particularly grown to appreaciate living in Japan is the stong sense of seasons. No matter what time of the year, you can be sure that there are special seasonal dishes, events, flowers, etc. – and people really embrace it!¬†Sakura is […]

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Sneak Peek Into Hell

… and yet it looks so pretty! Since the Tokyo region is under a state of emergency once again — much stricter than the previous two — Golden Week 2021 turned out to be rather eventless. One notable exception was our day-trip to Hell Peek […]

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Sakura in Kanazawa

‘Tis the season of cherry blossom (sakura) in Japan and after several months in Tokyo, spent mostly indoors, it was about time to get away from city for a while. Kanazawa is worth a visit in any season, but especially at this time of the […]

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Kansai Region Wrap-up

Just got off of the night bus from Osaka this morning and although I’m bummed out that this concludes the Christmas travels for now, I couldn’t be more excited to finally start up Lightroom and edit the shots from the past week. For practicality and […]

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Christmas in Kyoto

Unlike is common in Japan, I took the week of Christmas off for a brief vacation in the Kansai region. Never having been in this area before, I wanted to make sure to have enough time to visit Kyoto, Osaka, and also Nara – all […]

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Strolling through old Tokyo

Recently, one of my foreign friends recommended the Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum (not to be confused with the Edo Tokyo Museum in Sumida). Even though open air museums usually tend to be rather dull, he reassured me this would be worthwhile. Well, having been […]

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O’zapft is!

O’zapft is – although not in Munich, but in Yokohama! Nowadays there’s an Oktoberfest in most major cites around the world and, of course, Japanese ones are no exception. I’ve never been to the original one, but this copy managed to deliver some key elements […]

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Notes from Nikko

Last week saw Japan’s Obon festival, a time at which traditionally many people would take a short break to travel to their home town and honor the spirits of their ancestors. Alternatively, it’s a perfect occasion for a short summer holiday! The weekend before a […]

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