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Tiny urban gardens of Setagaya

Quite obviously, space is an extremely scarce resource in Tokyo. Everything is a bit smaller than what you’re used to as foreigner – cars, houses, apartments, you name it. But since looking at concrete and steel all day can really get you down, people in […]

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I found an apartment!

After I had shortlisted roughly a dozen apartments in Setagaya and Meguro, I reached out to the first agency to inquire whether any of them would still available. None of them were. Either occupied, not available until way later in the year, or would be […]

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Visiting the Mori Art Museum

Located at the 52nd floor in downtown Roppongi lies the Mori Museum of contemporary art. And since I had some appointments in Roppongi anyway today, I thought why not have a look? Their current exhibition by Berlin-based artist Shiota Chiharu involved several large-scale wool installations, […]

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Views from atop

Yesterday was a productive second day: I managed to get a bank account, a Japanese SIM card and registered with the local ward office. What that actually means is that a nice lady from the agency that is supporting my onboarding process did all of […]

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This is it.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally set foot on Japanese soil and became a resident of the island nation. Saying that all of this still feels a bit unreal to me is an understatement. Which is why it will probably take a few days to realize that […]

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